Capen House Update

The Friends of Casa Feliz have been overwhelmed by the amount of community interest in and media attention given to the future of Winter Park’s Capen House.  We are encouraged that Winter Park values its history, and wants to safeguard our historic assets for future generations to enjoy.

 We want to assure the public that the Friends organization is working diligently, in cooperation with the attorneys for the property owners, to explore viable options for the Capen House.  We are grateful that the owners have entrusted the Friends with developing a plan for their consideration.

 The Winter Park Observer offered this synopsis of the June 10 City Commission meeting, which resulted in a voluntary demolition delay – offered by the property owners — of at least 30 days while options are considered:

 Naturally, all parties involved prefer that the house remain in Winter Park, as the building is important to the city’s history.  Please see this excellent column by Winter Park Historical Association President Linda Kulmann, which appeared in the Winter Park Voice:

 The team working on this project is open to suggestions and ideas.  We would encourage public dialogue that is thoughtful, considerate, and inclusive.  It is the Friends’ goal to find a solution to the precarious situation surrounding the Capen House, not to assign blame.

 Groups of concerned citizens have congregated on Facebook and other web platforms to advocate for ‘saving’ the Capen House. There is a place for every viewpoint in our public discourse, but the Friends organization chooses to use this blog, Preservation Winter Park, to speak officially on the matter of the Capen House.

 It is our hope that we will have a public announcement within the next few weeks regarding the future of the house.  We covet your good wishes while options are considered. 

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